Russian language courses for foreign students
    The program "Russian as a foreign language" in NSUEM since 1991.

    Why choose us?
    Hight Quality
    Study in an internationally recognized and regularly inspected language center.The Eurasian Language Center is offering the highest quality language instruction and assessment. With course offerings in more than 6 languages, ELC programs are proficiency-oriented and standards-based. Our school meets all international quality standards.
    Good Support
    Our experienced and friendly staff of native Russian speakers can help you with all your questions: your Russian visa, accommodation, bank account and any problems students may face while studying abroad. You will receive personalised control from our teachers from your first day until your departure. Our friendly team is always ready to answer your questions.
    Modern Approach
    Quality syllabus and new outstanding teaching methods are proving their efficiency from day to day. Our language programs emphasize doing rather than knowing. Our students learn to speak, listen, read, and write in ways that are useful in a real world. We help you to combine language learning with communicative approach and cultural immersion, which includes excursions to nearby sights and attraction.
    After graduation, students write tests and receive a certificate of study at the Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management.

    All programs are included in Russian state system of testing Russian as a foreign language.
    The University assists in the preparation and successful completion of Russian state system of testing.
    "Preparation for admission to a university for foreigners" (Russian as a foreign language. Elementary, basic level)
    1 year (1080 academic hours)
    Lessons 5 times a week.
    From 9: 00-13: 00 or from 14: 00-18: 00.
    «Preparation for admission to a university for foreigners" (Russian as a foreign language. The first certification level)
    1 year (1080 academic hours)
    Lessons 5 times a week.
    From 9: 00-13: 00 or from 14: 00-18: 00.
    Information about admission to training
    Documents for registration of the invitation. Type of visa. The timing of arrival.
    To apply for an invitation, you must send an application and a scan of your passport to the following email address:

    The deadline for making an invitation is 1.5 months from the date of submission of the application.
    Invitations for 1 semester are accepted until 15.07.2021
    Invitations for the 2nd semester are accepted until 15.01.2022

    Type of visa – "STUDY"

    This type of visa allows you to study in the programs of preparation for admission to the university, as well as in the main educational programs (bachelor's degree, master's degree, postgraduate study). It is possible to extend the visa without leaving the Russian Federation.

    Attention! The "studies" visa prohibits employment in the territory of the Russian Federation.
    There are penalties for non-compliance with the law of the Russian Federation !

    Attention! The invitation is valid for 3 months. You must enter the Russian Federation no later than 6 weeks before the end of the visa period by invitation.

    Students who arrive later will be denied admission to study and visa extension!

    Documents for admission to the University and accommodation in the dormitory.
    To sign a training contract, documents you need:
    2. the original of a foreign document on education, legalized in accordance with the established procedure
    2. migration card
    3. registration at the place of stay
    4. 1 photo 3*4
    5. payment receipt for training

    To check to the dormitory, document you need:
    1. passport
    2. migration card
    3. 4 photos 3*4
    4. medical certificate
    5. fluorography (X-ray)

    All documents are required with translation into Russian or English.

    Check-in to the dormitory from Monday to Friday from 9: 00-17: 00
    If you arrive in Novosibirsk at night or on weekends, please contact us in advance. We will help you to rent a hostel or hotel.

    Transfer to the University.
    You must inform us in advance of your arrival.
    You must send the flight number and the exact time of arrival to Novosibirsk by email or WhatsApp.
    We will help you order a taxi from the airport. The approximate cost of a taxi is 600 rubles.
    You can also get there yourself by public transport.
    Groups of 3 or more people can be met at the airport for free. To do this, you must inform us at least 7 working days in advance of the exact date and time of arrival, the number of people, and the amount of Luggage.

    Documents you need to extension of your visa.
    Visa by invitation from the University is issued for 3 months.
    After arriving in the Russian Federation and completing the training contract, you will need to extend your visa for the period of study specified in the contract (1 year or 6 months).
    To extend your visa, you must contact the international Department of the NSUEM no later than 6 weeks before the end of the previous visa period.

    Documents you need:
    1. training contract
    2. passport
    3. migration card
    4. registration at the place of stay
    5. health insurance
    6. 1 photo 3*4
    7. 1600 rubles (state duty)

    Price, condition of payment.
    Other types of accommodation

    The University dormitory is located at 56/2 Kamenskaya street, Novosibirsk (300 m from the University).
    The total number of beds in the hostel is 40.
    The rooms can accommodate 3 to 4 people.
    Toilet, shower, kitchen-shared.

    The price of accommodation is 8 500 rubles for the period from September 1 to June 30 (850 rubles / month).
    Payment must be made at the same time on the day of signing the contract and settling in the dormitory.

    The University provides migration support for residents of the dormitory (registration at the place of stay).

    To register, please contact the International Department at 56 Kamenskaya street, office 24 (1 building of NGUEU) within 3 days after your arrival in Russia.
    For late application to the international Department for registration under the law of the Russian Federation, a fine of 4000 rubles is provided .

    The number of places in the dormitory is limited, so we suggest choosing other accommodation options:

    Hostel-the average price of accommodation is 300-600 rubles per day.
    Rent an apartment-the average price of 15 000-20 000 rubles per month.
    For non- dormitoty residents, registration at the place of stay is provided by the hostel or the apartment's landlord.
    Education fees
    Payment is made before the start of training.
    It is possible to pay for semesters:

    First semester until- September 1
    Second semester until- February 1
    130 000 rubles/ 1 year
    Preparation for admission to a university for foreigners
    Russian as a foreign language. Elementary, basic level.

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    130 000 rubles /1 year
    Preparation for admission to a university for foreigners
    Russian as a foreign language.
    The first certification level.

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    Our center

    Lessons are held in modern comfortable classrooms, which are equipped with technically special equipment.
    Training materials are provided.

    The University's infrastructure includes: a hostel for international students, a canteen and cafe, libraries, a sports hall and a swimming pool.

    Adaptation activity
    The center has its own traditions. Every year we hold holidays for international students: Russian language holiday, Russian new year, Graduation party.

    In addition to training, we conduct a number of adaptation activities. Getting to know the city of Novosibirsk, traveling to Tomsk, Gorno-Altaisk, going to the Opera and ballet Theater, zoo, conducting thematic tours, introducing the traditions of the inhabitants of Siberia.

    Russian сonversation club is held once a month together with Russian students.

    Teacher Oksana Boxhorn: "I conduct guided tours of the city's attractions, visit museums, exhibitions, theaters, entertainment centers with foreigners, and offer historical and modern films for viewing. After the event, feedback (both oral and written) and discussion of difficult-to-understand words and cultural features are required. I actively immerse students in the traditions of the Russian people: we learn songs, poems, Proverbs, sayings, read fairy tales, stories, stories, etc., while updating new vocabulary and replenishing the vocabulary."

    Specialists of the center
    We are ready to answer any of your questions regarding programs of the Language Center NSUEM.
    Olga Myshelova
    Head of the language center
    Chinese language, english language

    phone: +7-913-747-23-59
    Anna Vedernikova
    The Manager of the language center
    French language, english language

    phone: +7-923-788-88-39
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